Släkten (SE/NO/DK) / Ravnedans 2019


Where: Vaktbua
When: 10. juli, kl. 21:00
Släkten is coming! Quiet and loud at the same time, invading and enticing with their emotional distance. The bigger it gets, the better it gets and it takes what it gets. It absorbs symbols and rituals, shameless and respectfully to access pluralistic fantasies that has existed, exists or will exist in the future. Calmly Släkten invades Ravnedans, Vaktbua and you. With dissolute imagination, big faceless bodies and insistent presence, Släkten takes you through trees and mountains, dreams and smoke, vibrant music and trans-inspired dance. Until you don't want to do anything else than party.
Släkten has been around since 2011. Since then, they have appeared during various events and in different forms. With place-specific rituals, inaugurations, musicvideos, exhibitions, in nightclubs, festivals and in nature. A short film about Släkten was made in 2013 where we can follow them in their everyday rituals. During Ravnedans 2019 Släkten consists of Hansson and Jonsson (SE), Ida Grimsgaard (NO), Josephine Kylén Collins (SE / USA) and Lærke Grøntved (DK), among others.


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