Kroppsmaskiner / Sebastian Lingerius - Ravnedans 2018


BODY MACHINES. A show with dancing robots, artificial intelligence, a radio controlled tank, and theatrical games about the theatre-machine. Are we cogwheels in our society? Is 1984 surveillance dead? A speculation on how a post-cyborgian consciousness may operate in the future.

KROPPSMASKINER (BODY MACHINES) was made in the autumn of 2017, with premiere at Dansens Hus in Stockholm. Performed in Kungsbacka in feb 2018, and now Ravnedans. CO-produced with Rum för Dans/Region Halland.

BODY MACHINES is a study of our time: a performance that contemplates alternative conditions: of hybrids, cyborgs, rats, queer-chauvinists, AI, and childishly grown-up children. A work that questions how peoples’ physical and mental elements are structured in our time. An analysis of the body in relation to the city, to health, to habits and conventions – to itself and others, and to limitations.

There will be two performances at Kilden Teater og Konserthus:
12th of July at 1800
13 of July at 2030

Choreography Sebastian Lingserius
Composer Franz Edvard Cedrins
Visual consultant Chrisander Brun
Dancers Caroline Byström, Noah Hellwig, Sebastian Lingerius, Katrine Johansen
Photograph Danae Economou
Supported by Statens Kulturråd, Stockholms Stads Kulturförvaltning, Stockholms Läns Landsting


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