Don't, kiss / Fabio Liberti (IT), 11. juli / Ravnedans 2019


Don’t, kiss / Fabio Liberti (IT)

Where: Sørlandets Kunstmuseum

When: 10th of July 17:30, 11th of July 15:00

Suitable for: Everyone

Don’t, kiss focuses on the analysis of addictions and relational co-dependencies. The physical connection underlines the nature of this symbiotic relationship united by an irreducible umbilical cord by choice and necessity.

The specific challenge for the performers lies in the maintenance of lip-lock throughout the duration of the piece. A kiss, a point of contact that is at the same time the limit and the sparkle, momentum and friction of a raw and animalistic will that can easily be transformed into both concession and imposition.

As the piece develops the act of kissing loses its utmost poetic meaning. What initially appears as a kiss, and its accompanying romantic connotation, transforms into a mere physical limitation- an obstacle to overcome. Perhaps a prison that a person has created for himself; a prison that one may love.

The piece introduces as well the theme of homosexuality. The thematic is unspoken, brought by the fact that two male dancers perform the duet. It is not intended to be a statement (although it may become one), just simply a matter of fact.


Performers: Jernej Bizjak, Fabio Liberti

Music: Per-Henrik Mäenpää

Choreography: Fabio Liberti

Photo: Lukas Hartvig-Møller

With the support of Institute 0.1

Don't, kiss is one of the performances chosen from the Open call 2018 by the Open call committee. 


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