71Bodies 1Dance - Ravnedans 2018


71BODIES 1DANCE is an interdisciplinary and choreographic initiative by Daniel Mariblanca in which photography, film installation and dance performance are in dialogue to create an intersectional format that pertains to the reality and complexity of the wide spectrum of transgender identities. The work is inspired by 71 personal experiences and testimonies from transgender individuals in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. With this artistic project the intention is to give visibility, awake curiosity and generate knowledge about the transgender community - from a human level through an artistic work.
By exposing diverse ways of being, the project wishes to propose new references and ways of appreciating beauty and producing desire.
"I did not want to feel alone in my process of transitioning. I want to share and enrich my vision with people that really inspired me and that goes through similar struggles. I found it so powerful to present to the audience - not just a personal story, but a collective one - with particular needs, expectations and wishes. In that moment I understood the power of the sentence “personal is political”.

Daniel Mariblanca, Concept, choreography, performance - Norway
Ursula Kaufmann, Video art - Spain
Mar C Llop, Photography art - Spain
Gunnar Innvær, Music composition - Norway
Miriam Casal, Music composition,- Spain
Amanda Billberg, Artistic assistance - Sweden
Jon Eirik, Light designer - Norway
Gulli Kristina Sekse, Dramaturge - Norway
Camilla Svingen, Producer and tour manager - Norway
Camilla Gjerde Lund, Graphic Designer - Norway


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